Marilyn Fisher

Recording Studio Coach

With her finely tuned ear for intonation and harmony, keen knowledge of vocal technique, performance and improvisation experience, studio experience, and broad appreciation for (and understanding of) popular (including jazz, folk, blues, top 40, etc.) and classical musical styles, Marilyn is a vocalist’s best friend in the recording studio. She provides intuitive and supportive guidance to the recording singer, while helping them learn vocal and recording techniques that train their voices, ears and musical sensibilities.

As a vocal coach and producer, Marilyn has overseen and collaborated on many recordings, and worked with many of Wisconsin’s best recording engineers, both in the studio and on location.

Professional Work Samples:

Laura Berlage CD: Legends of the Troubadours

Priscilla Njokanma CD: I Can Dream Again

Ladies Must Swing CDs: And Swing We Must and Just For A Thrill

Ruby Chew CD: A Simple Gift

Ben Seigel  CD:  Flyover Country 

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