Marilyn Fisher

Voice and Piano Studio

The Fisher Voice & Piano Studio, Madison, WI, opened in January of 1996. Since then, Marilyn has taught hundreds of singing, speech (including news anchors, actors and forensics/debate students), piano, music theory and music history students.

Ms. Fisher’s primary goal as a teacher is to foster the knowledge and growth of each student in a supportive and creative learning environment. Each student is encouraged to be literate, expressive and imaginative in their area of study while also addressing their objectives and obstacles. Many students welcome this well-rounded approach, while others have clearly focused agendas that are then followed.

The typical voice (and speech) student is taught voice relaxation, breath support, vocal flexibility, vowel formation, consonant articulation, resonance identification, vocal self-awareness, intonation, and sight-singing - for starters. The typical piano student is taught note-reading, rhythms (counting), dynamics and other music notation, posture, finger position and technique - for starters.

Students interested in learning music theory (how to read music) work through a theory workbook that includes ear training exercises. All students are given Assignment Sheets, on which instructions and key points discussed in the lesson are written as helpful reminders when practicing at home.

Weekly lessons are scheduled on a month-by-month basis, as the student is a reserving a weekly timeslot. Bi-weekly lessons are not available.

Feel free to call with any questions you may have about lessons, scheduling, rates, and studio policies. Because of the personal nature of private lessons and (ideally) to hear the potential student’s voice, studio information will not be given via email.

(608) 275-1090